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Title: Multiple rpoB mutants of Mycobacterium tuberculosis and second-order selection
Authors: Mokrousov, Igor V. 
Issue Date: Jul-2004
Publisher: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Journal: Emerging Infectious Disease 
Abstract: Resistance to rifampin in M. tuberculosis strains is usually caused by the point mutations in the rpoB gene encoding the β-subunit of the DNA-dependent RNA polymerase, which is a target of the drug. Although a single point mutation is sufficient for developing rifampin resistance, a number of articles (2,3) describe multiple rpoB mutants for M. tuberculosis, i.e., rifampin-resistant strains harboring mutations in different codons of rpoB. Double, triple, and quadruple mutations in M. tuberculosis clinical isolates were reported in studies conducted throughout the world (2,3). Such emergence, albeit infrequent, of M. tuberculosis rpoB multiple mutants raises questions about their biologic importance and underlying mechanisms; answers to both remain elusive.
ISSN: 1080-6040
DOI: 10.3201/eid1007.030598
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