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Title: [Ultrastructural changes in the cells of human embryo lung fibroblasts in the reproduction of the coronavirus HCoV/SPb/01/03]
Authors: Prochukhanova, A P
Golovanova, A K
Sominina, A A
Smirnova, T D
Sirotkin, A K
Zarubaev, Vladimir V. 
Issue Date: 2005
Journal: Voprosy virusologii 
Abstract: The reproduction of the new coronavirus HCoV/SPb/01/03 in the cultured human embryo lung fibroblasts (HELFBs) was electron microscopically studied. The virus was shown to replicate in the cultured HELFBs, by using for this a cell membrane system and causing profound changes in its morphology. After 24 hours of cell infection, there were mature and defective HCoVISPb/01/03 virions were detected in the vacuoles near the peripheral cisterns of the Golgi apparatus. Some of the vacuoles contained folded membranous structures along with virions.
ISSN: 0507-4088
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