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Title: [Evaluation of metabolic parameters in vitro as a model for testing the cytotoxicity of antiviral drugs]
Authors: Kiselev, O I
Eropkina, E M
Smirnova, T D
Eropkin, M Iu
Il'inskaia, E V
Sukhinin, V P
Prochukhanova, A P
Zarubaev, Vladimir V. 
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Meditsina Moscow
Journal: ÈKsperimental'nai¿a¿ i Klinicheskai¿a¿ Farmakologii¿a¿ 
Abstract: A new test system based on in vitro assessment of the cellular viability and/or metabolism is proposed, which offers an informative approach to the screening of antiviral drugs. Cytotoxic effects of the antiviral drugs rimantadine and polyrem were studied on the cultures of some mammalian cells. The results of short-term (2 h) exposures with the drugs tested were close to their LD50 values in mammals, which makes the proposed test system promising for the assessment of drug toxicity in vivo for the whole organism. A study of the state of cell metabolism after a long-term (48 h) exposure showed that the system of endocytosis is more sensitive than other indices with respect to antiviral drugs. Is was demonstrated on the cell level that the binding of drugs into polymeric complexes can decrease the degree of its cytotoxicity: the toxicity of polyrem (a polymeric complex of rimantadine) was lower as compared to that of the equimolar concentration of rimantadine or a mixture of rimantadine with a polymeric carrier.
ISSN: 0869-2092
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