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Title: [Cycloferon, as an agent in the therapy and urgent prophylaxis of influenza and acute respiratory tract viral infection (multicentre randomized controlled comparative study)]
Authors: Sologub, T V
Shul'diakov, A A
Romantsov, M G
Zhekalov, A N
Petlenko, S V
Erofeeva, M K
Maksakova, V L
Isakov, V A
Gatsan, V V
Kovalenko, A L
Zarubaev, Vladimir V. 
Issue Date: 2009
Journal: Antibiotiki i Khimoterapiia 
Abstract: Data on the study of the efficacy of the tablets of cycloferon, an early inductor of types 1 and 2 interferon, in the treatment of influenza and acute respiratory tract viral infections in adults are presented. The study enrolled 522 patients with moderate influenza of type A (H1N1) verified in 61% of the patients and type A (H3N2) verified in 7.5% of the cases. The patients were randomized with the envelope procedure. In the patients treated with cycloferon the intensity and period of the fever were stopped earlier and averaged from 1.8 to 3 days vs. 5 days in the reference group (symptomatic therapy). The improvement signs in the general state of the patients treated with cycloferon were noted on the 2nd day. The influenza complication as pneumonia was recorded in 2.2% of the patients treated with cycloferon, whereas in the patients under the symptomatic therapy the complications as bronchitis, pneumonia, angina were stated in 21.4% of the cases. For urgent prophylaxis of the influenza and respiratory tract viral infections (epidemiologic study) a group of 3717 subjects randomized with the table of random numbers was observed. 2080 patients were treated with cycloferon and 1637 patients were under the symptomatic therapy. The results were evaluated by the efficacy index and the protection estimate (T. A. Semenenko, 1991). The total efficacy index and the protection estimate in all the patients of the group were 4.9 and 79.8% respectively. The complicated forms of the disease were recorded in 1.5% of the patients treated with cycloferon and in 10.5 and 11.3% of the patients not treated with cycloferon.
ISSN: 0235-2990
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