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Title: [Development of novel drugs against influenza virus based on synthetic and natural compounds]
Authors: Anfimov, P M
Shtro, A A
Garshinina, A V
Meleshkina, I A
Karpinskaia, L A
Kozeletskaia, K N
Kiselev, O I
Zarubaev, Vladimir V. 
Issue Date: 2012
Journal: Voprosy virusologii 
Abstract: Recent progress of the laboratory in the area of the search and development of novel remedies for prophylaxis and treatment of influenza is reviewed in this work. The data of the study of the anti-viral activity of compounds from the chemical groups of azolo-adamantanes, triterpenes, derivatives of benzimidazole, usnic acid, and other heterocyclic substances are presented. The protective properties of the plant antioxidants at lethal influenza infection of animals are discussed. High virus-inhibiting activity of natural polysaccharides and their complexes with silver ions is shown against influenza virus. The data presented allow listed groups of compounds to be suggested as promising candidates for further development of anti-influenza drugs.
ISSN: 0507-4088
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